Ayurvedic Consultations and Body Treatments

Ayurvedic Consultation for new clients: $260.

It consists of 1.5 hours of initial consultation and one 30 min followup appointment.  It also includes herbs for four weeks.

45 min follow-up appointment for returning clients: $95 includes herbs (if needed)

What to expect during an Ayurvedic consultation?

The focus of an Ayurvedic consultation is to understand you as a whole: your health history, diet, lifestyle, mental state and the immediate health issue you may have.  To assess health of the individual, Leena Marathay, as your Ayurvedic Practitioner will focus on the functional aspects of  your body. 

 These include parameters such as your ability to digest food; quality and quantity of sleep; mental state; bowel movement and your strength to withstand exertion etc.   Your answers will help her make direct correlation of causative factors to the disease process. 

Depending on the qualities and quantity of the causative factors,  she may suggest herbs along with recommendations for lifestyle and diet changes to bring health back into your life. 

A comprehensive Ayurvedic treatment is focussed not only on your body, but also on your mind.  It is aimed at building you as a whole and getting you back to living well and eventually free of medicines. 

Ayurvedic Body Treatments

Treatments in Ayurveda are aimed at nourishing and strengthening the body with herbal oil application. Nitya Ayurveda offers the following traditional Ayurvedic treatments:


Is a traditional extremely relaxing full body oil application with a light massage.  It is recommended as a daily routine to maintain health, nourish the skin to make it strong and glow, pacify anxiety, retard the aging process and promote good sleep. 

Abhyanga - 50 minute treatment followed by 15 mins of full body steam:

  • $175 (done by one massage practitioner)
  • $280 (tandem massage by two massage practitioners at a time)*

*Special Offer*

To experience this heavenly treatment and its health benefits, we would like to offer you an introductory price of $500 for 2 packs of tandem-abhyanga treatments.

Kati basti 

Is a 50 minute treatment for nourishing and treating lower back pain. It involves a gentle massage of the head, back, shoulders, and neck, followed by applying basti, a dam (made of dough) filled with warm medicated oil, on the lower back, followed by localized steam, $175

Hrud basti 

Is a 50 minute treatment for nourishing, treating and opening the heart chakra. It involves a gentle massage to the head, neck and shoulders followed by applying basti, a dam (made of dough) filled with warm medicated oil, on the heart region, $175

Offering soon-

Shirodhara, a warm medicated oil drip on the forehead. The session begins with a relaxing head, neck, shoulder and upper back oil massage.  Shirodhara treatment helps calm anxiety, pacify stress, and promote good sound sleep, $175 

 The time for the service you selected is reserved just for you. We ask for a credit card to reserve all appointments. Please notify Pure Bliss at least 24 Hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment. Without proper cancellation, you will be billed 100% of the cost for your reserved service. Thank you for your understanding.