As Human Beings...

...we live in constant motion. Everyone knows that the body's growth and health are directly tied to how our bodies move. Unfortunately we all don't have access to the time, resources, energy or coaches that could guide us through the right motions to materialize our true potential. But herein lies an opportunity. 

As a massage therapists we are in a unique position to help. Our primary role is to utilize our knowledge of movement and the neuro-muscular system to improve the comfort and function of our clients. With knowledge gathered through practice, personal experience and study, we can use our own minds and bodies as practitioners to connect with our clients and provide the right answers to the unique "questions" asked by the body.

These "questions" come in many forms. Think about the last time you experienced a tweeked muscle, an achy shoulder or a strained neck. Sometimes we can easily attribute this to a new demand we place on the body, helping a friend to move, or carrying a newborn at home. Other-times these symptoms seem to wane and wax overtime without cause. In both circumstances, we can leverage our understanding to support the body and ease disfunction.

While dealing with a sore muscle for a few days can be annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes down right painful, these are acute symptoms of dysfunction not root causes.  Our aim at Pure Bliss is to correct the individual's unique imbalances that give rise to the wear, tear, and tension-related muscle dysfunction that have become so prevalent in our hard working and beloved home of Silicon Valley. 

Massage Services

The time for the service you selected is reserved just for you. We ask for a credit card to reserve all appointments. Please notify Pure Bliss at least 24 Hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment. WIthout proper cancellation, you will be billed 50% of the cost for your reserved service. Thank you for your understanding.